PR and Advertising

Belle of the Blog focuses on issues relevant to parenting, running a household, and living a life filled with good food, good music, good health, and good friends. While I often refer to myself as a "mommy blogger," my readership includes women and men, parents and non-parents alike. 

Have a business or product you'd like to have reviewed in a timely, ethical, and honest manner? Belle of the Blog welcomes opportunities to review a variety of products, especially those that relate to parenting, healthy living, cooking, Southern living, music, or an active lifestyle in the Southeast, especially Chattanooga.

I've reviewed everything from automobiles to local restaurants to diapers for this blog, both at the behest of PR firms and business owners and just because I felt like it. In addition to my blog, I have an active social media presence on both Facebook and Twitter where I will share the link to my reviews with over 1500 followers. 

I am also now accepting advertising. If you would like to advertise on my blog, please contact me at dsdcreative (at) gmail (dot) com for more information.