About Belle of the Blog

Dawn Sloan Downes is a professional freelance writer. Southern by the grace of God-knows-who, she is mama to a teenaged boy and a tween (help me Jeebus!) who amaze her each day with their wit, charm, and joy for life while also driving her mad. Dawn writes because she doesn't know how not to write. She has been writing or thinking about writing (because life gets in the way) Belle of the Blog for almost eight years now over 10 years now. The more she writes, the more she learns about this world and all the wonder it offers. This blog, like Life, is full of joy and heartache, and hopefully we all learn a little something on our journey through it.

Dawn writes from the heart and offers an honest picture of motherhood and marriage. Never one to sugarcoat or play Pollyanna, she lays it all out there in the hope that sharing her trials and challenges, triumphs and successes, she can inspire other women who are deep in the trenches with her.

Welcome to Belle of the Blog. Feel free to e-mail Dawn with any of your questions or comments.