Monday, June 7, 2010

Something for Nothing

Feel free to check out this offer over on my new blog, Belle of the Blog Reviews.

It's a good deal.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Per BlogHer's guidelines for their bloggers writing product reviews and sharing opinions about products or vendors (potential advertisers), I am launching my own review site as a companion to Belle of the Blog. It is called Belle of the Blog Reviews, because I like to KISS.

For now I'm going to leave my older product reviews on this site, but eventually when I have a little more free time (Yeah. Like when both boys go off to college in about 14 years or so!), I'll try to roll those over to the new blog.

In the meantime, I'll be posting reviews (never paid or compensated!) of things I like and don't like. Although I won't be accepting compensation for my reviews, I will review products that I have been invited to review. I will also be having some giveaways on the blog as I have the opportunity.

I hope you'll come check it out. Sign up as a Follower so you'll get my updates. And I really hope you'll all offer your feedback about products. If I diss something you love, tell me about it. But always be nice!