Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Suburbs

I feel like all the life has drained out of me.

I hate it here. In the suburbs. In this dead zone where there are few people that I feel are real human beings, not pretentious, soulless zombies.

I never wanted to live here, but that said, I do love my house. I just wish I could move it to Decatur and live next door to someone really fascinating and cool.

I guess part of my sense of isolation is the fact that my best friend in the whole world lives a million miles away and we talk on the phone, but can't see each other because neither of us can afford to travel to see the other.


Rotten mood. Rotten everything.

I'm on a downward spiral right now, which is really unfortunate.

Brendan just started second grade and he hates everything about it which makes me hate everything about it.

I will say the one positive thing is having homework daily rather than just getting a packet at the beginning of the week. I like having one thing to do every day as opposed to getting it all at once and then having to dispense over the course of the week and have Brendan argue over which sheet he wants to do, always putting off the reading and writing assignments until the last minute.

I'm going away now because I pretty much hate everything. Including myself.


Lisa said...

Oh my goodness. I have days like that. And you're not alone.

ViolinMama said...

I so have days like that too. As Lisa said, vent away - you are not alone!

Also - I am still worried my FB comment the other day did not "read" as I intoned it. Did B's teacher ever meet with you? Maybe meeting with her can make you feel more empowered?

Much love!! (and here for coffee or tea!)

Wendy said...

Ugh. I'm so sorry you're feeling that way. Keep the faith, sister.

Annie said...


I don't feel that way about our neighborhood at all. I just wish we had sidewalks and a neighborhood pub with good food and a good jukebox. :-)

And, um, i think there is way more pretension in Decatur than our n'hood, but that's just me.

Hope things get better Dawn.

Anonymous said...

Poor darlin'. You need a hug & a cuppa tea! Believe me: you are not alone on many counts!

I don't much like the area I'm living in & am always day-dreaming about where I'd like to move. I miss feeling @ home somewhere. Though, I do like our new apt.

My not so lil one starts 2nd grade this year; they go back in Sept here. Hope he doesn't hate it. :)

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All best,
The Moxie Bee

Dawn said...

Thanks, everyone!

@Annie, for what it's worth, I don't always feel that way about the 'hood. And you're one of the soulful humans, btw. ; )

I guess it just seems very cliquey here to me. Lots of gossip, too.

Anyway, I appreciate all the comments and feel better for the most part.

Ben Hutchins said...

Sounds like suburbia hell. Maybe you should be THAT neighbor? Shake things up a bit -- sometimes we conform because no one wants to stand out.

Ben Hutchins said...

Sounds like suburbia hell. Maybe you should be THAT neighbor. Sometimes we conform because we're too afraid to stand out.

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