Thursday, October 8, 2009

Over the Rainbow: Thankful Thursday

It's a sunny day in the ATL and there is hope in my heart.

My cuddly two-year old Beckett is sitting in my lap while I type telling me all the colors on the birthday candle that came off his daddy's birthday cake. We're about to go to our playdate with his best friend, Cooke and one of my best friends, Lucy. I have a press release to get out today, and phone calls to make. I am looking forward to joining other friends in a woman's group at church in the next few weeks. The air is crisp and soon will be the time for family gatherings. And I hold in my heart a sense that good things are on the horizon.

I am grateful.

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ViolinMama said...

Can't wait to see you today (MIT is meeting at the church playground if you can join us while the kids are in class) and can't wait for small group. I thankful for this day...and your heart, and spirit, and know only the best is yet to come for someone so deserving as you.