Friday, October 16, 2009

Neighborhood Bully: TSA Takes Woman's Son!

I am shocked and appalled by this story. I have personally experienced the ineptitudes of the TSA at Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport, but this woman's experience goes beyond ineptitude into sheer stupidity and exposes the TSA as the actual terrorists. I cannot imagine what she went through. I got shaky and cried just reading about it.

I truly hope the national media picks this up and something changes. These TSA employees clearly bullied this woman and they need to be fired.


ViolinMama said...

This broke my heart....terrible. What about what could have happened to her son??!!!! Alone...with that man?

I want to throw up....I hope this makes the news!

Michelle said...

Wow. That is SO wrong on SO many levels. I'm glad it ended well for her, but ... so many things that should not have happened there. Ugh.

Scattered Mom said...

Omg, that was HORRIBLE to read. I tweeted it-hope that it gets spread like crazy because WOW, that shouldn't happen.

Anne said...

I blogged about it too. And it turned out that maybe she exaggerated her story a bit.