Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Don't Mess with...Tussionex!

I'm battling a sinus infection and bronchitis. Right now, despite my best efforts to stay positive, I think the sickness is winning.

Of course, Big Bad Bronchitis has had help kicking my butt from the prescription cough medicine my doctor prescribed for me. It's called Tussionex. It is, apparently, the only liquid cough medicine currently on the market because the FDA, in its infinite wisdom, decided to pull every other liquid cough medicine off the market because they could not prove their efficacy. As my doctor pointed out, some of these medicines had been on the market for 50 years working just fine, but because they had not had updates and new testing and no one was dying from taking them, the FDA thought it would be a good idea to banish them from the marketplace and encourage Big Pharma to go out spend several millions of dollars on testing so they could then jack the price up on all the meds once they gave them the okay to return to the marketplace. That is, if they return at all.

At any rate, Tussionex contains hydrocodone and it's a time-released medication. So, even though, I took it before bed last night at around 9:00 p.m., I am still feeling the effects of it some 16 hours later. Dazed. Confused. Sleepy. All this, and I took the right dose.

I'm having trouble keeping my thoughts all marching along in a straight line. I feel other-worldly, out-of-body, floating in a sea of me-ness right now.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Dammit! See that... I just drifted off.

So, even if I weren't hacking up a lung, I'm not sure I'd know the difference in how I felt because I'm too spaced out.



Cranky Mommy said...

They don't sell OTC cough medicine?! Lab results of not it worked for me - how will I get through the fall?

Dawn said...

There are OTC cough meds still on the market. This is the only prescription cough medicine on the market and I guess because my lungs were congested and when I had bronchitis in '08 it turned into walking pneumonia before I went to the doctor, he doesn't want to mess around. This cough medicine has a cough suppressant so you can sleep, plus a decongestant to dry up the sinus drainage. During the day, he recommended Mucinex.

ViolinMama said...

ok I'm so late reading this one...if you ever need anything in the future...let me know! I need to pay it forward ;)