Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Clarification and An Apology

In my post from a few days ago where I talked about Beckett breaking my favorite bowl and how I was angry and frustrated, I said in the post that I started to call my husband Scott but didn't because I thought he wouldn't understand my anger.

That's not entirely true and not what I really meant to say.

Scott is very understanding and supportive. But, he's also someone who operates on a pretty even keel. He knows how to manage his anger. He doesn't yell. He doesn't get frustrated with the kids like I do. And he works really hard at a job that means he doesn't have time to talk on the phone a lot.

So, when I didn't call him, it wasn't because he doesn't "get me" or something. It was just that as I was dialing I was thinking, "Well, what's he going to do? He's at work. You'll be interrupting him and you know that he wouldn't react like this, so, just get yourself together, and do what a normal person would do."

I projected my own insecurities and feelings of failure for getting frustrated and angry onto Scott and that is wholly unfair to him. And I'm sorry.

My husband is a really amazing guy who takes wonderful care of his family while balancing work and music and I'm extremely grateful for him and for all he does for us.

I just hope he knows that.


Anonymous said...

Embry Hills Methodist for a year then on to 1st grade. 1/2 day leaves time for tutoring, OT etc. Small classes.

Dawn said...

Yeah. That would work if I wanted him to repeat Kindergarten.

His tutor suggested this as well (Betsy, is this you?).

But I really believe in my heart of hearts that kindergarten retention is a horrible, horrible idea.

Kids held back in Kindergarten will forever be known as "that kid who repeated Kindergarten."

And I don't want that to be my boy.

We'll muddle on and it may be a struggle for all of us, but I hope it builds character.

ViolinMama said...

I know S knows....ya'll are amazing.

And I am all about trusting your instincts on this. There have been many good ideas here, but your gut is a big indicator. Trust it.