Saturday, July 18, 2009

Angels Among Us

I am overwhelmed with gratitude this morning.

Our friend Barrett came over for dinner last night. When she arrived, she had a big Crate and Barrel box. She said, "This is for you," handing it over to me as she walked in.

I couldn't imagine what it might be. My first thought was wine glasses because one of our favorite activities is hanging out and drinking good red wine while we talk and laugh. And I was thinking, "Wow! That's really nice."

I had no idea that the gift she was giving me was something so superior to any ideas I had that it would blow me away with the scope of her thoughtfulness and generosity.

Barrett had read my post from the day before where I was kvetching about the broken bowl. (Funnily enough, I had already decided I was a heel for being upset over a stupid broken bowl.)

And then here comes Barrett with this amazingly thoughtful gift for me. Yep, the 5-piece bowl set from Crate and Barrel in this gorgeous array of colors. And for no reason other than the fact that she's just a very loving and considerate person. She read my post and just wanted to replace my yellow bowl, but when she couldn't find one, she just bought me this whole set instead. Now I'm thinking what a pretty palate that would make if I repainted the kitchen. Just like that pancake-eating pig. But, I digress...

Barrett is a fairly new friend in the relative scope of life, but a genuine one.

And I know I am undeserving of her kindness. But, I am terribly grateful for it.


Cranky Mommy said...

Wow how sweet! That kind of thoughtfulness is one of those things that eludes me. Either you're born with it or you're not. I wish it came naturally to me, too. And of course you deserve her kindness - just the fact that she thinks you do makes you deserving of it.

ViolinMama said...

Um, I think you are deserving! When I was ill, I somehow remember you showing up on my door with medicine when I was VERY undeserving!!

And Cranky Mommy...don't sell yourself short either, that same day you did for me as well. Both of you are very thoughtful and deserving.