Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ain't That the Way: Why You Should Never Let Someone Else Undermine Your Own Beliefs and Instincts

So much for my joy over Brendan making progress.

I'm back in panic mode.

We've been reading every day. Working on handwriting. Drawing. Coloring. Trying to keep up with some OT exercises now that our sessions have run out for the year. Brendan has been going to tutoring twice weekly since school got out.

I thought he was making tremendous progress over where he was. And, realistically he has made tremendous progress.

According to his tutor, however, he's still not quite where he ought to be. She recommended again yesterday holding him back in Kindergarten.

I have to keep telling myself we are doing the right thing and that he will continue to progress and that Kindergarten retention is a very, very bad thing that has nothing to do with the reality of how children develop.

How I wish I were a motivated activist who knew how to fight the Man and get this unrealistic expectations of what a 5 or 6-year old is capable and should be doing replaced with realistic notions of what Kindergarten is meant to be.

Are we creating a generation or future society of doers who are incapable of real thought or creativity?


Cranky Mommy said...

Not to delve into all the issues here, I do have a thought: There are alternates to repeating kindergarten. It seems like some public schools have it, but I may be thinking of something in Gwinnett county. However, Providence Christian Academy has a grade between kindergarten and first. I forget the details but we have a mutual friend whose son went this route. I'm sure she can provide better insight into this issue than I can.

Dawn said...

I did think of this today. The problem is the cost of private school. I would need to go back to work full-time and I just don't think I can do it.

I also just don't want him to be 19 when he's graduating from college. Of course, that could end up happening any way, but....

Okay. I should go practice some sight words!

Thanks for the suggestion. And should I add you to my blogroll or are you trying to stay off the radar?

Cranky Mommy said...

If you'd like to add me that would be great. The only one I keep off radar is the one associated with my personal e-mail.
Have you thought about homeschooling him for next year? The parent doesn't have to be the only teacher necessarily, as long as they are keeping up with the reporting requirements.
There's a lot of information here

MusingMom said...

My son also has sensory issues, and I am homeschooling him for Kinder. I never set out to be a homeschooler - never knew wht it was until the schooling "tests" failed. Best decision I've made!