Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pictures of You

My creation
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This looked like a lot of fun to me, so I am shamelessly stealing this from Rennratt, who stole it from Wordnerd.

The pictures represent the answers to the following questions*:

1. Your Flickr name:
2. One word that describes you:
3. What you love most in life (my picture here is missing one thing):
4. What you want to be when you grow up:
5. Your favorite dessert:
6. Location of your dream vacation:
7. Your favorite drink:
8. Your celebriity crush:
9. Favorite color:
10. What school you attended (I went for high school for some reason):
11. Favorite food:
12. First name:

Okay. So that was really fun! Even though I did things backwards. But give it a go and let me know when you post yours. I'd love to see your answers.

Here's what you do:
Go to Flickr. Search for the answers to the questions. Choose a picture that best reflects your answer. Fave it. Make the mosaic.

*The questions were originally in the reverse order, but when I made my mosaic, they came out in the opposite order, so I reversed the list when I printed it here.


rennratt said...


It seems that the tide is turning against pretty men!

Go Hugh Laurie, Mike Rowe and the like!

I almost put Jamie Hynemann or Anthony Simcoe, but Mike Rowe beat them out due to the Hairy Man factor.

Some of the pics are a little hard to see. Is lemonade your favorite drink?

Dawn said...

I don't know why mine came out so tiny. If you click it you can see a larger version along with my comment that gives away all the answers.

Yes. I like my men smart, funny, sexy, handsome, and musically inclined. Like my husband, Hugh Laurie embodies all of those traits.

Gin and tonic is my favorite drink of the alcoholic persuasion. Coffee is my favorite non-alcoholic drink. I opted to go with the g & t because I found it more visually appealing.

Kel said...

That's pretty cool...I hadn't seen this yet.