Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Knowledge is Power: June's Perfect Post

I know. We mommy bloggers write about being referred to as just a mommy and losing our identities ad infinitum.

A., of A., Woman of Independent Means, one of my favorite daily reads, recently wrote one of the most encouraging posts for other moms I've read in a long time.

She wins my vote for June's Perfect Post. You can check out the entire list at Suburban Turmoil or Petroville.

She may not have intended it as such, but for me, at least, it was a wonderful reminder of the ways being a mom has made me smarter and opened my world to things I wouldn't have known about otherwise.

I don't necessarily consider myself an "expert" in many of these, but I have learned an incredible amount of information that I didn't have before I became a parent in each of these subjects:

pregnancy complications
chromosomal abnormalities (specifically Trisomy XX8)
pregnancy nutrition
fertility awareness method
natural childbirth choices
the dangers of modern medicalized childbirth
postpartum depression
feeding choices
Thomas the Tank Engine
Marvel Comics
educational choices

There are many more things that I've learned as a mom. Most important of all,though, is experiencing the capacity for the heart to grow ever larger to hold all the love that pours in the instant you hold your tiny newborn for the first time.

Thanks, A., for reminding us that although we may feel like we lose a large chunk of our brains, we're actually learning all the while.


Jen@SemiCharmedWife said...

This is great! I'm not a mom, but my sister has expressed these feelings to me before. I'll definitely be forwarding this to her!

A. said...

oooohhhh....I love your list, too!! I'm a'gonna be stealin' a few of yours. :)