Sunday, July 27, 2008

Coming Up Roses

I hate Back to School time. Well, I sort of love it. And I sort of hate it. As a student, I loved it. I loved learning and for me, summer was a long, boring, friendless time. I filled the days with reading books, listening to music, and counting down the days until school began again. While my friends were going to visit grandparents in far away places or making sojourns to the beach with their families, I was stuck at home all day while my mom worked.

This summer, we didn't go on vacation. The trip I planned for the boys to see their grandparents was waylaid by car trouble. It has been a long, boring, friendless time for me where I have felt cooped up and lonely. Even the things we've done haven't felt like things I wanted to do, but obligations.

This summer has felt long and exhausting. I haven't had a moment of me time it feels like. I haven't even exercised in months. I haven't had time to think or pray or do anything to rejuvenate my spirit. I feel aimless, hopeless, lonely, sad, confused.

But, I'm somehow not ready for school to begin again. Mostly, just because I don't like the school board deciding that school should go back in the middle of summer.

School starts in our county on August 11. August e-lev-enth! Can you believe that? It stinks for the kids.

We haven't even been on vacation yet.


I hate this frantic, frenetic, stupid, stupid world.


Kel said...

Yeah, us too. I'm actually ready for school to start though...I like getting back to the routine of school/sports/homework etc. It does seem early to start school, but when I was younger we went to year around school so it ended in June and started in August...six week break. So I guess I am kind of used to it.


Suz said...

SC has instituted a uniform start date, to an extent. All schools (except, of course, year-round schools) must start during a 10-day window between the Monday before Labor Day and the Wednesday after.
Maybe y'all should move to South Cackalacky! Hahaha!