Monday, July 21, 2008

Chimes of Freedom

Scott's cousin Valerie is an amazing woman. She's a gifted artist and one of the most awe-inspiring women near my age that I've ever met. I don't say it lightly when I say that there are some people that have the spark of the Holy Spirit in them and Valerie is on of those people. She has an unusual burden gift in being able to feel and carry the pain of others. It's not just that she can feel their pain, but that she wants to. Her empathy leads her to want to connect with others in this way, to truly experience what someone else felt or is feeling. She's a generous, and deeply beautiful human being.

She recently completed a 2100 mile bike ride that retraced the Underground Railroad from Montgomery, Alabama to Owens Sound in Canada.

You can read about her adventures here.


Kel said...

Wow, thats sounds like a very moving experience. She sounds like a very special lady!
Have a wonderful week!

Bombchell said...

wow a 2100 mile bike race!! omg i didn't know these existed, I wonder how one goes about training. pretty impressive

Wendy said...

What an incredibly cool thing to do. Your sister in law sounds amazing.