Thursday, May 15, 2008

Another Brick in the Wall

Brendan did not get into the magnet Kindergarten class. I'm somewhat surprised by how disappointed I was over this. Twenty-three students from our district applied for 10 spots, while 63 students from outside our district applied for the additional 10 spots.

Of the kids currently in Brendan's pre-K class, only four got in.

When I saw the list, the worst base aspects of my personality rose up. I couldn't help but notice that two of the three boys whose moms have an exclusive little clique going on got in. And the worst kid in the class. The one who by all observation should be in a special needs class because he literally cannot sit still for five minutes. The one who climbed over and under and around and behind every table, desk, cabinet, filing cabinet, and play structure in the classroom while another mom and I tried to conduct story time. The one that I had to carry out of the boys' bathroom the day I volunteered as a lunch monitor because he refused to come back to class. Yeah. He'll really get a lot out of five day a week French lessons and extra math and science.

Then, I took a deep breath and decided that this was for the best. Somehow, we all end up right where we are meant to be.

Now, I just hope Brendan gets one of the two remaining good Kindergarten teachers and not the one with a reputation for sticking the kids in front of a video when she doesn't feel like teaching. I don't think anyone is actually meant to end up there.


Aleta said...

Kindergarten... Magnet school for so young? There is such priority on education and getting ahead, but I worry about the stress this causes not only for the children, but also for the parents.

At the same time, it's difficult to watch as a certain group gets in, showing a bias. Politics in Kindergarten, not surprising, but sad.

Just Me said...

As long as we make the effort to do other things and it doesn't work out,I think you are right, we all end up where we are supposed to be as. I would definately talk to the school and let them know that you would rather not have Brendan in that lady's kindergarten class. I pretty sure you can make that request and make it early. Kids learn so much in kindergarten now, it is important to have a good teacher.

Tana said...

Feeling that way makes sense...we all want the very best for our kids. I can't help but point out that maybe the kid who can't sit still is the kid who needs French classes and extra math and science to engage him and keep him busy. Here's hoping Brendan lands exactly where he belongs.

rennratt said...

One of the little boys in Nooze's class is wild, all over-the-place hyper.

He was in her class last year, too.

Initially, I worried that he would be a distraction. This kid is SO hyper that Nooze would actually TELL me when he had a good day!

In the end, though, you're right. All kids end up where they really need to be. You just have to figure out what 'works' for them.

(For the record, this kid is one of my favorites in her class. He simply is who he is!)

Jeremy said...

Maybe the magnet class is supposed to have a cross section of students?

In any case, I've observed that the kids who are hyper and disruptive are quite often very intelligent, just easily bored and/or unable to control their impulses.

Admittedly, these are probably rationalizations.