Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Stormy Weather

We just had a big storm blow through. I don't typically fear storms, but this one woke me up, and for some reason made me a bit nervous. It was all big, gusty winds, lightning and thunder. It was raining hard, but the wind was so fierce that you couldn't hear the rain over it.

But as I was sitting here, reading other blogs, suddenly I realized I could hear birds singing. And the patter of soft rain. Such a hopeful way to begin a day.

How lovely.

Nature does wonders for the soul.


Suz said...

I drove through that storm, or one of its close cousins, on my way from Columbia to Charleston this morning. Horrible, driving rain, nearly no visibility. I was crying! Along with my painful mouth from my dental incident, it was just too much to deal with..

It's not raining here though. Guess it's just not here yet.

Wendy said...

I actually miss those storms. The weather here is so uniformly great, it's kind of boring. I long for those Atlanta summer afternoons when I would sit up in my office on the 15th floor and watch the black clouds roll in, only to have the sun be shining gloriously half an hour later.