Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy House

For too long I have been unorganized and stressed out. My goal for the new year is to undo old habits of procrastination and indecision and get myself, my home, and my life organized and functioning smoothly.

I'm looking at using the Messies Anonymous six-week plan. I've already actually done a few of the things suggested (I cleaned and organized my pantry today; last week I cleaned and organized Brendan's closet and added storage in his room.) and am planning to start my new way of life by creating and sticking to daily schedules.

It's really scary for me to think about trying to make a major life change like this. I am chronically disorganized. I know, however, how much easier life would be if I could change. And I really want to change. I need to change before one of my children gets lost in my house.

Wish me luck.

And if you have any tips on time management, household scheduling, sticking to routines, or just getting things done, please feel free to pass them along.


A. said...

Two very helpful resources are: and

Good luck. I'm really organized, and I still can't stay on top of the clutter all the time. I give myself permission to have a "junk room" so I have a place to put things until I find their natural "home."

rennratt said...

I try to stay up to date on things, but life really gets in the way, huh?

My days seem to go smoother if I pick out my clothes the night before - and prep dinner for the NEXT night as I am cleaning up for TONIGHT.

Prepping simply means that if something needs to be defrosted, I put it in the fridge.

I second the Flylady rec.

Dawn said...

I have the FlyLady book actually. I was using it for a few months, doing the morning, evening, and weekly routines, but when I got pregnant with Beckett and the morning sickness got too bad, I got off course and have had trouble getting back into a good routine.

I feel so calm and peaceful when my house is clean and I feel like I'm ahead of the game, but when I feel like I'm playing catch up constantly, it's just crazy-making.

Thanks for the suggestions. I think I'm going to pick and choose the elements that work for me from the Messies Anonymous and FlyLady systems and get my life in order.

Christopher said...

Now how can I take this post seriously?! :)
When do you have time to procrastinate?
You are always writing about how busy you are (busy procrastinating?).
It's not procrastinating if you simply have too much to do.

Dawn said...

Well, Chris, you have a good point.

But I think part of the reason I feel so overwhelmed and busy constantly is that by being chronically unorganized I spin my wheels a lot. Instead of having a plan for how to attack my day, I just go headlong into whatever is coming at me and then things that I should have been doing are cast along the wayside where I have to go back and pick up the pieces, ultimately spending more time and energy to straighten things out than I would have had I taken care of things to begin with.

Does that make sense?

Christopher said...

Makes sense but then you are talking to someone who doesn't make time to look at his to-do lists so we are in the same boat!