Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My Hometown

I stumbled on this. No one will care, but it made me nostalgic.

I hated growing up there. Couldn't wait to leave. But sometimes...I miss my hometown.


rennratt said...

I'd miss it, too.

However, when I first glanced at the news headline, I thought you were from GELATIN.


Dawn said...

That is particularly funny to me because I hate gelatin. : )

When I see pictures of the town square, it reminds me of so many things. There is the most incredible bakery and they have these amazing cookies cut in shapes for each holiday. The last time I was there was around Valentine's day, so I went in and bought some. The bakery's owner told me they have been making those same cookies from the same recipe for over 100 years. You can't find that kind of history and endurance everywhere.

It also makes me think of parades. I love a small town parade. So much fun!