Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Better by the Pound

One of the most fascinating things about being a parent is the manner in which you quickly become an expert on things you only need to know about for a relatively brief period.

For four years now, I've been relatively obsessed and opinionated about diapers and pull ups. I know more about the subject than I ever cared to know or imagined I would. It began when Scott and I were debating the pros and cons of disposables vs. cloth diapers. We came down on the side of disposables because I, ultimately, decided I didn't want to be chained to the washing machine and because the jury's still out on which has a worse environmental impact. And, of course, now in Georgia with the water crisis we're facing, disposables make a lot of sense.

Ever since making that decision, I have tried every diaper on the market. Okay. Not every diaper. But certainly all of the major brands and most store brands. When Brendan was a newborn, I started going through all the diapers we received at showers. First, I tried the Pampers. Hated them. They had a really overpowering perfumey smell that made me sick, especially when mixed with other smelly things.

Next, I tried Luvs. Too leaky. Finally, I tried Huggies and had a winner. I stuck with that brand for a while, but then got lured into trying store brands to save money, but I couldn't stand the chemical smell and plastic feel of the store brands. I figured if it was uncomfortable for me to touch them just to put one on, it had to be misery-making for a baby. I went back to the Huggies brand and stuck with it until Brendan was potty-trained.

Of course, every baby's different and I've found that what worked on Brendan hasn't necessarily worked for Beckett. Huggies have been the leakiest on Beckett by far. I've found myself almost exclusively using Pampers which no longer have that disgusting perfumey fragrance. Unfortunately, I didn't even give Luvs a chance this time. That is until I got an unsolicited sample pack in the mail a couple of weeks ago.

I say sample pack, but it was actually a full-size 42-diaper pack of Luvs new Bear Hug Stretch diapers. And I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Both to receive free diapers in the mail (because, really, as a mom to a baby is there anything more exciting than free diapers?) and by how great they were for my baby.

As I said, every baby's different and these diapers really seemed to fit Beckett well. He has chunky legs and I've heard that he looks like the Michelin Man on more than one occasion. I had been buying diapers one size above his weight range just to get them to fit around his thighs without cutting into his sweet legs. The Luvs Bear Hug Stretch, though, have some extra give and stretch in the legs and provided what seemed to be a much more comfortable fit (hence the name, I suppose). And, because they were the right size, there was no bunching in the bottom or around the waist.

I didn't have any leaking problems with them. No weird smell. The only thing I didn't like was that sometimes the tabs tore off when I was trying to fasten the diaper. That was frustrating, but overall I was really pleased and decided I should give these diapers a chance. We'll have to see how it pans out in the long run...If Luvs can go the distance with my chunky boy.

All this said, I would like to give one piece of advice to the Luvs ad agency and/or marketing department. Your commercial with the little boy humping his teddy bear is awful. It creeps me out.

Other than that, I've turned the corner on your product and will definitely be buying Luvs in the future. Good work on the changes.


Jeremy said...

I don't know how we arrived at Luvs with Nathan, but we were pretty faithful to them in his diaper days. We'll have to see how things work out with Owen. Since he's already 8 mos. old, and has been eating every 2 hrs., 24 hrs. a day while in foster care, I suspect he's going to be a chunk, and those bear stretch things might be the ticket.

Are they still working the Blue's Clues graphics?...

This IS a weird topic.

Dawn said...

I know. I never imagined I'd know or care so much about diapers. But, in a couple of years, I won't have to think about them again for a long, long time.

Unless Scott convinces me to try for a girl.

I'm kidding. Mostly.

They are still rockin' the Blue's Clues motif. Pampers has Sesame Street and I'm not sure what's on Huggies. I can't remember.

I was recently thinking that there's no need to put kiddie things on diapers. They don't notice or care. They should put history lessons or current politics or something on there to educate and inform parents. Anything to make diapering more fun and interesting.

Jen aka Evilynmo said...

I cloth diapered for a few months with Evie. It was cool for a while but once we moved I didn't want to lug a hamper full of stinky dipes up and down stairs all day long. I too have tried many types of diapers. I recently tried the Luvs bear stretch and I love them as well! We are using up the last of them here and switching over to pull ups for Evie, in hopes she will potty train fast. =)

Dawn said...

Good luck with the potty training, Jen. One thing we used when we first switched were the Huggies Convertibles. I loved those. They can go on as a diaper or a pull up. Nice transition.

rennratt said...

I always had the best luck with the White Cloud brand.

All of the others seemed to leak like crazy on the Nooze.

I'm with you on the baby/bear commercial. VERY creepy.

rennratt said...


When you're a mom, very little falls into the 'this is a weird topic' category.

Even with peoply you 'don't know in real life'.