Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Every good and true Southerner has his or her favorite barbecue joint. And naturally, an opinion on the best style of barbecue and the best kind of sauce (or rub, as the case may be).

I'm a fan of the western style of North Carolina barbecue, although, being from Tennessee, I have a real soft place in my heart for a Memphis dry rub. Of course, a rub is only good on ribs and chicken and I do prefer a good pulled pork sandwich any day to ribs.

So, I thought I'd try my hand at making a little pulled pork for supper tonight. We have soccer practice at 6:30, so I wanted to try something I could throw in ye olde crock pot and have waiting for us when we got home. Here's the recipe I'm using, although, I added my own enhancement by using a dry rub on the pig before throwing it in the cooker. I just don't know how non-smoked pork will turn out, so I thought it would probably want a little extra seasoning.

We'll see.

But right now my kitchen smells pretty good, y'all.


rennratt said...

I stick out like a sore thumb around here.

I HATE pulled pork.

It grosses me right out.

Dawn said...

I bet you do there in NC. Do you like any kind of barbecue, Texas brisket or KC ribs?

And do you eat any kind of pork or is it something about a pig pickin' that makes your skin crawl?

I actually can understand even though I myself love it.

Suz said...

Hey, not to worry. I was going to stay quiet, because I'm a pseudo-vegetarian. I haven't had meat in 15 years, although I did resume eating seafood, including fish, about 4 years ago. What's that, a pescetarian? :)

I'm only speaking out to make you feel better, rennratt!

rennratt said...

I LIKED barbecue when I first moved here.

Until I attended a pig pickin'.

When I hit a 'hard part', I thought it was a bone.

My boss looked at it and said "Nah. That's skin."


I also work just outside Raleigh, NC - one of the 'capitals' of Eastern NC BBQ (vinegar and hot sauce based). We are fed Smithfield's BBQ - pork AND chicken- for every holiday, every special meeting, and every retirement.

The LAST time we were fed BBQ at work, TWELVE people got food poisoning.

That would be everyone that ate the pork...

Also, please bear in mind that I hail from Northern Maine. (Google Mt. Katahdin. I was raised 20 minutes from there...)

Barbecue in Northern Maine is opening Barbecue sauce, pouring it onto chicken, and cooking outside on the grill...

Dawn said...

Yeah....skin grosses me out too. I don't get folks who eat pork rinds. Yeck.

I can imagine I'd be a little sick of bbq, too, if I were there in the heart of it, and had it for every special occasion or event.

I bet y'all don't have it again, though, after that last experience. At least, I hope you don't.

rennratt said...

We're having a "Hideously Hawaiian" day on Monday.

We're eating wraps and other fixin's from a sports bar named O'Mulligans.

Both of my bosses were among the 12 sick; we had burgers, hot dogs and italian sausage last time.