Saturday, September 8, 2007


For the last two months or so, I've been working with a physical trainer. I've been working out almost daily and eating more consciously. I've always been what I think of as a healthy eater, but I've been actually thinking about whether or not I'm getting enough protein, enough iron, the right number of fruits and veggies in a day, looking at portion size, etc.

Finally, I'm beginning to actually like my body. And while I'm not quite ready for skinny jeans, I did look in the mirror the other day and think, Hey! I look kind of skinny.

I haven't thought that since I was 22. Okay. 23 might be when I started putting on the pounds. And after two babies in four years. I was feeling like I needed to regain control of my body. And I have. And I'm happy about it. And I'm excited about the prospect of wearing clothes I like. Pretty, girly, sexy clothes that say I'm as much a woman and a wife as I am a mommy. Not that I was ever one to wear frumpy sweats all day or something. It's just that I felt less than gorgeous in even my cutest clothes.

So, just when I'm excited about wearing the latest trends, the fashion world goes all Annie Hall and gives me this crap. All I can say is yuck and double yuck!


Christopher said...

Congratulations! Yasuko and I find that working with a trainer is both hell and lots of fun. We never seem to be able to push ourselves to work out as hard or long by ourselves as we do with the trainer. It's great to start seeing results.

Jen aka Evilynmo said...

I can't believe all those awful trends are back! Blehk!

But, congrats on the body makeover, that is so awesome!

P.S. Do you have a good Chicken Pad Thai recipe?? Ben is begging me to make pad thai =)

Jeremy said...

Feeling good & looking good are both good! Way to go.

I say, wear what you want. Prevailing trends & fashions? Eh.