Monday, May 21, 2007

Sweet Home Alabama

Despite what common folk wisdom might tell us, Scott proved on Saturday night that you can go home again. Not only can you go home, but you and your gifts can be received with joyful and open arms.

On Saturday, Scott played a house concert in Montgomery hosted by his cousin Val.

An amazingly talented artist herself, Valerie lives in a gem of a home, a tiny rustic cabin surrounded by rich and verdant life. Her backyard garden is magnificent and proved to be the ideal spot for a spring evening filled with music.

If beauty be truth as Keats once said (sort of), Saturday night might have been one of the most honest, real nights of my life. It was certainly one of the most beautiful.

About 25 folks or so came to hear Scott play under the stars. Valerie created an intimate and exquisite Southern gothic setting, a charming little Flannery O'Connor cafe with a few tables and antique wooden folding chairs spread about. Candlelight and arrangments of wildflowers surrounded a natural stage on a raised patio at the back of the garden while a colorful rug, handmade from recycled soda bottles added interest. An antebellum gunhouse anchored the background, blue-tailed skinks climbing its aging brick walls while Scott sang.

The audience was warm and open and receptive and appreciative. Made up mostly of Valerie's circle of young and vibrant artistic and activist friends, this was a group who fully enjoyed Scott's music. They especially seemed to enjoy the songs Sorry and Oil, as well as Seven Days and Never Should Have Sung That Song.

I think of the six shows Scott has played since February, this was the best. He seemed the most at ease and comfortable. His voice and guitar playing both sounded great. The audience was, hands down, the best audience yet. There were no cynical scensters. Everyone who was there was someone who came with the intention of hearing Scott play and they were all obviously people who enjoy music.

It was such a perfect, magical night. It continues to get better in my mind as I relive it.

Of course, it could never have happened without Valerie's willingness to offer up her home and artistic gifts. What a girl!

What a guy!

What a night!

I'm just delighted I have the opportunity to know them both and share in the magic.


Suz said...

Is that you in the hat, with the ciggie? Ha, ha, just kidding! Sounds awesome! When is he going to play Chucktown?

Jen aka Evilynmo said...

That is so cool! I wish I could have a night off to enjoy some great music with hip people. I am really happy you had such a good time and only a teensy bit envious ;)

Dawn said...

Nope. Not me in the hat. I'm behind the camera, baby.

Thanks, Jen. You know we have been so lucky this time around to get help from Scott's mom and to have found a couple of awesome babysitters.

After Brendan was born, we literally only went out once his whole first year without him. On our anniversary a neighbor/friend offered to keep him so we could go out and that was it.

I hope when Mr. E comes home y'all can have a chance to go out and enjoy yourselves while Evie enjoys a little one-on-one time with the grandparents. Fingers crossed!

rennratt said...

Please add me to the list of fans.

Also, encourage your husband to check in and around Raleigh, NC for 'tour dates'. The Six String Cafe in Cary, NC may be a good place to start.

I know of at least 6-7 people (myself included) that would SO be there. Please tell me that you tour with him!