Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Happiness Runs

The last week or so has found me in a very strange place mentally. I haven't blogged much because much of what I was feeling was dark. I was in a really scared and lonely place and didn't feel the need to subject the world at large to what was going on. I talked through a couple of things with Scott, with Suzanne, and with Jeremy. I don't know that I found any answers, but I found it incredibly comforting to know that I have people who care about me in my life. I'm lucky.

Obviously, a lot of what was going on with me has to do with the loss of my friend's baby. I keep replaying the moment, six days before Claire died, when I joked with my friend that she had a daughter for both of my sons. Her daughter Emily is just a month or two younger than Brendan and Claire was two months younger than Beckett. Emily and her older sister are both beautiful, but Emily is a real charmer with a smile that lights up the room while her older sister maintains that oldest child seriousness much of the time. I just keep imagining the beautiful, sweet child Claire might have become.

So, that combined with hearing from someone I care about that I'm really selfish and a bad friend, along with seeing a bunch of old college friends, has made me start taking stock of my life and some of the things I'd like to do but haven't yet.

I'm giving serious consideration to running in a half-marathon as a result. Of course, I've only been considering it for the last 24 hours or so after receiving an e-mail about this organization from my friend Susan. Susan suggested that members of our college class run the Nike Women's Half-Marathon in San Francisco together. It just struck me as a really cool goal to set for myself. A place to get to.

The problem is that I do not run. I've never been much of an athlete, but I'm thinking that can change. Maybe it should change.

Any runners out there who'd like to offer an opinion? Any advice on how to get started? Should I try to run with the 55 lbs. worth of kids plus a 20 lb. jogging stroller or without? Am I crazy to think I can start running now when I never have before?

Let me know what y'all think...


Suz said...

Wow, I don't know. I've never run either. But I have 2 really good friends who have both done marathons, so I could ask them! I'm proud when I go to yoga class more than twice a week..

Oh and thanks for the shout-out.

Jeremy said...

As a lapsed runner (among other things) myself, I think it takes equal parts dedication and motivation- you've got those covered. Sorry if I sound like Tony Robbins.

And I'm glad things are looking up. Must be the 90-degree temps...

The Girl said...

You could do it! You should do it! I never, ever ran and then one day... I did! Running is very healing and remember to take some time to run without kids. It is exilirating!

Always remember to Breathe! In life and in running!

Run on!

Rich | Championable said...

If I could do it, you can do it.

I didn't run a single race until I was 35 years old. Never ran even a mile.

Now I've run 12 half-marathons, 3 marathons and a bunch of other races. I'm not the fastest dude on the planet, but I'm happy when I run.

Do it for fun, an you'll do it.

Anonymous said...

hi! i just came across your blog and love it--just thought i'd leave a comment about running. i was never an athlete, runner, anyone who enjoyed sweating, haha, and then a few years ago i decided i needed to do Something to beat the stress in my life and to exercise. i decided to run and now i'm about to run my 4th marathon in a few weeks. it has helped me so much--just time to think, pray, de-program, enjoy life more...it's amazing what your body can do!

i would suggest that you sign up with a team because they will help you and encourage you as you go on this journey. they will help you with training and will give you so much support. i'll be honest, though. only 20% of it is training. you NEED the training, of course, but a lot of it is mental and something that will have to come from inside (a gut feeling of, "i Want to do this"...THAT will carry you across the finish line! :)

hope this helps (at least a little!)--as a previous person said, 'if i can do it, you can too!' believe me, ALL kinds of people run these races. :) :)

take care!