Thursday, May 24, 2007

Baby, I'm Amazed

Watching the love and friendship between Brendan and Beckett develop brings so much joy to my heart, it's hard to imagine that a year ago I was worried about how Brendan would relate to his new sibling and I wondered if I could love another child as much as I love Brendan.

It's such a cliché, but I do feel like my heart has grown (three sizes, even) since Beckett came into the world. My enhanced capacity to love, not only Beckett and his brother, but others as well, has genuinely taken me by surprise. I am so thankful.

What I really find amazing, however, is the ability of my sons to fall so easily and naturally into love.

When Brendan talks to Beckett or simply sits beside him, Beckett's whole face lights up. He laughs at his brother, much more than he laughs at either his dad or me. And, as I've mentioned before, when he's upset, often the thing that calms him is the presence of his big bro.

Brendan is equally taken with the baby. Yesterday, when he thought I was elsewhere in the house, I caught him having the sweetest conversation with his brother. When I went upstairs, Brendan was playing in his room. After taking a basket of laundry into my room to put away, I came out and found Brendan kneeling beside Beckett's bouncy seat, holding his hand. I stood back to see what was going on and I heard Brendan say, "Beckett, you're my brother and you're my friend and I love you very much. When you get bigger we're going to play together all the time."

I wanted to crumble on the spot, incapacitated by the sheer honesty and beauty of the moment.

And then, Brendan turned around and realized I was standing there. He gave me a huge smile and a hug and was then ready to go play.

I know there may come a day when the love doesn't flow as readily between the two brothers, but for now I'm just going to enjoy each tender moment as it comes and be thankful that I have had the privilege of giving my son someone to love.


Rich | Championable said...

Oh, my.

What a delightful post to read early in the morning.

My two youngest are close in age, and they are unbelievably close. They fight a LOT, sometimes, but they are SUCH good friends, too.

Leila said...

your story is giving me hope, though I know Brendan is younger than Carter and of course Beckett will be older than the new baby girl ("due" Tuesday). but so much of what I hear is about jealousy and competitiveness and the older child "regressing" that it's so nice to hear a story about a totally different outcome! sending love to all of you.

Jeremy said...

Right on!

My big brother will always be one of the greatest blessings I've received.

Looks like Beckett feels the same way.

Awesome post, Dawn.