Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Road to Joy

This weekend was one of those busy, crazy, hectic, joy-filled weekends that leaves you both a little empty-sad and relieved when it's over.

On Saturday, we had Beckett baptised at our church. It was a little strange. My favorite deacon performed the ceremony, but it still felt rushed and sloppy, where Brendan's -- held during a mass and performed by our priest -- seemed magnificent.

It makes me extremely sad that the priest at our church has decided he has no time for children or their concerns and that baptisms, one of the most beautiful and basic of the sacraments, is treated almost as an afterthought.

Still, Beckett, borne of an act of love and joy, received an act of original blessing. and has begun his walk of faith. I hope that I can instill in him a love of God and a belief in the miracles that surround us. I pray he finds great joy in this life. Joy in the smallest things, as well as the great moments of life.

I hope Beckett knows the kind of joy and love and pride I felt Saturday night watching his dad play and sing before a packed house at our local coffeehouse. He was brilliant. Just brilliant. He played for almost two full hours. It was actually the first time I had ever seen him perform live. I mean, I've seen him play at parties at our house, at weddings and rehearsal dinners, at events for just family and friends. But, I'd never seen him play an actual show for paying (or tipping) customers before. It was very cool! And, very hot!

I also hope he enjoys a loving, joyful relationship with his godparents...his Aunt Kimberly, Uncle Greg, and our friend J.Ed. They are all such unique, special people and we are blessed to have them be a part of our lives. Kimberly is sweet and gentle and loving in her own, special way. Greg is charming and kind of funny. J.Ed is smart, and funny, and kind. Like I said, they are very special, unique individuals who will bless our child in their own ways.

Mostly, I really just hope he knows love. With enough love, I believe anyone can find their path in life and walk in the light.
With enough love, anyone can find their own road to joy.

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Rich | Championable said...

Jeez. This was a terrific post on three totaly disparate levels.

1) The comment on local churches attending to the sacraments.

2) Your husband playing out and your feelings about it/him. Rock ON.

3) "With enough love..."

A really nice thing to read at 5:57am. Thanks, dudeness.