Saturday, April 22, 2006

Wake Me When It's Over

I loved being pregnant with Brendan! It was so cool!

This time, I'm miserable. I'm sooooo sick! I don't recall actually throwing up with Brendan, though I felt plenty ill. Today is the fourth day in a row that I've lost my breakfast. The rest of the day, I have simply felt horrible and get really nauseous every time I get hungry. I'm trying to think positively, to remind myself that all of this is a good sign that there are lots of hormones all doing their job and the nausea and exhaustion I feel are signs of a healthy pregnancy progressing normally.

Of course, sleeping is the only thing that helps me. Sleeping is brilliant! I wish I could sleep and sleep and wake up at the end of the first trimester, brimming with energy and good health.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Annie Get Your Gun: The Easter Bunny's Here

Sometimes it's amazing to me how different members of the same family can be. One of Scott's brothers is a hunter. He goes deer hunting or at least he used to. I'm not sure he has time to anymore now that he and his wife have four kids. Still, he has no issue with guns.

We do. We definitely don't believe that kids should have toy guns to play with, especially realistic looking cap gun rifles like the one the Easter Bunny left our three-year old nephews Easter basket yesterday.

Scott and I were both very concerned about Brendan being around kids playing with guns, pretending to shoot each other and kept him isolated from his cousins so that he wouldn't see it. Scott and his brother argued over why three-year olds shouldn't be playing with realistic-looking guns and especially playing games where they point them at someone and fire. His brother never got it. Both his brothers think we're liberal hippie freaks anyway. Still, his other brother and his wife never let their kids play with guns. Unfortunately, neither of them spoke up.

We took Brendan outside to play and were debating whether we should leave or not. I was just going inside to say my peace when I realized the guns had been put away.

The thing that really got my Irish up, and Scott's as well, was when our five-year old niece went upstairs and told Brendan "I'm going to shoot your Daddy!" No one corrected her or thought there was anything wrong with that at all. Thankfully, Brendan doesn't yet know what it means for someone to get shot. When I asked him if his cousin had said something scary to him, he said no and seemed fine.

It's sad, really. We had just gotten to a point where Brendan was really enjoying being around his cousins. Unfortunately, our values are too different from those of my in-laws that we're not comfortable having him play with them.

At least he has friends, though I'm sad that he might never have close ties to his cousins like his dad has.