Saturday, April 22, 2006

Wake Me When It's Over

I loved being pregnant with Brendan! It was so cool!

This time, I'm miserable. I'm sooooo sick! I don't recall actually throwing up with Brendan, though I felt plenty ill. Today is the fourth day in a row that I've lost my breakfast. The rest of the day, I have simply felt horrible and get really nauseous every time I get hungry. I'm trying to think positively, to remind myself that all of this is a good sign that there are lots of hormones all doing their job and the nausea and exhaustion I feel are signs of a healthy pregnancy progressing normally.

Of course, sleeping is the only thing that helps me. Sleeping is brilliant! I wish I could sleep and sleep and wake up at the end of the first trimester, brimming with energy and good health.


staci said...

I don't know you...but found your blog and read it all of the time now. You are going to have a GIRL! It is just a thought...I was sicker with my daughter than my son. I look forward to reading more and finding out if I'm correct here. Feel better!

dawn said...

Thank you, Staci! I'm glad you're enjoying my blog. I don't have a clue what we're having. Initially, I thought for sure it was a girl, but now I'm not sure. We'll see...

Thanks again! I'm sure before it's all said and done you'll be sick of hearing about baby, baby, baby!