Thursday, March 9, 2006

A Sunny Day: Nature's Miracle Cure

Yesterday afternoon I spent a couple of hours outside planting the bulbs I bought to plant last fall. I never got around to it and on Sunday I noticed they had begun to sprout. So, why not plant them, I thought.

Before going outdoors, my mind roiled with fear and worry over everything from the state of my house to my weight to how much TV Brendan was watching. However, the moment Brendan and I walked out into the warm sunshine, all my cares simply melted away.

Brendan rode his trike in the driveway while I dug in the dirt, unearthing slithery worms and creating planting beds for a variety of tulips, daffodils, daylilies, and purple drumsticks. We had fun and the warm balm of sunshine, blue skies, birdsong, and friendly neighbors somehow worked out all the kinks in my mind. When I came inside two hours later, I felt like a new woman.

After a shower, I cooked a delicious dinner, tidied up a bit, and looked around my house. It's not nearly as messy as it seemed that morning. And I feel like I can manage my other concerns. All I need are a few sunny days to keep me sane.

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