Tuesday, May 3, 2005

From under a rock I crawl...

So, now, almost three years after originally creating this blog, I come from out of my shell and return to write some more. In the space of time since I last posted, I learned I was pregnant, had a beautiful baby boy who is now two, and have spent the last three years focusing primarily on being a wife and mommy. I had no idea it was so hard! Why doesn't anyone ever tell you these things before you get pregnant?

Apparently, someone did. I guess I missed this among the voluminous quantities of parenting and pregnancy materials I read during those early days. Of course, everything I read seemed to imply that "if you follow the following steps as we lay them out in our book and do everything exactly as we say, you will raise the perfect child and your life will be blissful."

I'm not implying things are bad or have been less than blissful, I simply had no idea how consuming being a parent is and how much actual labor is involved. I thought that by three or four months we'd be sleeping through the night, enjoying our days, and all would be well. And, we were. Then, at around 7 months, Brendan, our little guy, decided he'd rather get up play at night than sleep. This lasted off and on until he was two.

Shortly after his second birthday, he climbed out of his crib. The next day, he got his "big boy" bed and slept like a dream that night. And has every night since then. The first week, he slept through the night for more than one or two nights in a row, it was like I was reborn. I became a new and much happier person. Who knew sleep mattered so much?