Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Connecting in the Real World: MOMS Club International

Becoming a mother was nothing like I'd imagined. In my vivid pre-natal daydreams, I saw myself pram-pushing through a shady park, stylishly dressed and chatting it up with other young moms like myself. I imagined forging connections that would turn into lifelong friendships like those I'd made in college. Never once did I foresee myself, trapped inside my house surrounded by piles of housework, feeling lonely and isolated, my brain turning to mush for lack of any adult conversation all day long.

By the time Scott returned home at night, I would feel as if I had nothing useful to contribute while at the same time I was desperate for the company of another adult.

How do you meet and connect with others outside the constructs of school or work, the places where people typically connect and bond with each other? I met a couple of other stay-at-home moms in my neighborhood and liked them. Their children were close to Brendan's age and thought we'd be fast friends.

Well, the friendships did not form quickly, but they have formed. They've also led to other friendships.

And in May of this year, I joined the newly formed Tucker chapter of the MOMS Club International. It has proven a wonderful outlet for both me and Brendan. We have both made friends. We get out of the house a lot more than we ever did before. And I am thrilled to have found such a great group of women -- and kids -- to connect with.

I'd recommend the MOMS Club as a resource for any stay-at-home mom who feels disconnected from the real world and who is looking for a source of support and friendship. Each chapter is different, but they generally offer outings several times a week, moms nights out, volunteer opportunities and much more.

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