Monday, December 12, 2005

Adventures in Motherhood: Who I Am and Why You Should Care

Nearly three years ago, I gave birth to my son and began what has been one of the most enriching and enraging journeys of my life. I love being a mother. Of course, I love my son. But what I hate is the sense of isolation I felt as a new mother, and the crippling sense of guilt or doubt that creeps over me with every other choice or decision I make.

With countless theories and approaches to parenting, and an opinion available from every woman who has ever birthed a child and half of those who havent, it's nearly impossible to make major decisions concerning your child's well-being without hearing some prodding little voice in the back of your mind second-guessing every choice.

Add to that the the many critical voices that can be found on the many message boards where women and mothers turn for support and you have a volatile cocktail that can dissolve anyone's belief in her ability to mother in a serene and thoughtful manner.

I'd like to be a voice of support. For myself and for other moms. Becoming a new mother can be as terrifying as it is joyous and though that fear subsides, I wonder if it ever goes away entirely. You come into your own as a mother, but I think you'll always wonder and worry as you love and nurture that little being into an adult. All that said, I'd like to try my hand at offering a little love and nurturing to the other moms out there, who, like myself, might not have the time, energy, or inclination to love and nurture themselves.

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